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Our goal here is to help you carry out your corporate project where the creation of your website is concerned; we intend to advise you in order that your corporate website is optimum. You do not need any previous knowledge to surf on this Web page, just a wish for success and an enthusiasm for learning. Of course many users will be acquainted with some of our themes, but our intention is to cover a wide range of readers –from ignorant to expert people. Thus, those who are completely uninformed can start from scratch, whereas the experts can polish things and add new viewpoints to their own perspectives. We do not use the term “viewpoint” at random. On the contrary, we are perfectly aware that the things discussed here are open to different approaches, and our suggestions are just that: possible approaches.

Web design is fundamental these days. This is because websites have become an integral part of a company’s presentation, after a process of dematerialization which began with industrialization (see below). So a Web page is essential to any company, either big or small. Besides, as prices are really varied, no-one gets out of the Internet because of a low budget.

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This website considers every aspect that you need to know to optimize your Web design. We will not teach you how to design, but how to deal with design, which is not the same. Design work as such is in charge of a Web designer. You, on the other hand, are responsible for suggesting some –effective– ideas and for the organization of the work, the latter together with the designer. Therefore, you should try hard to make yourself clear. Although the designer might recommend that you make certain changes, he will limit himself to whatever you ask him to do. That is why this website has been launched: to help you think of the best Web page for your company.

This website is divided into thematic sections treating in depth each subject that a person thinking of a Web page for his company might be interested in. First, in What is Web design? this concept, i.e. Web design, is exhaustively defined, and its main characteristics shown. In The benefits of Web design you will learn the commercial and advertising advantages of having a representative website. Visual coherence is about the corporate identity: how this is built up on the basis of a group of design elements and how the website contributes to it. In Colors and typography you will find explanation of the basic technical aspects of a website concerning those design tools from which you will have to choose. The programmer is entirely dedicated to HTML programming, given its importance. In Website marketingSEO you will be introduced to a subject that, though not so well-known yet, cannot be left aside: correct search engine positioning. Last, You and the designer is concerned with, as its title suggests, the relation between you and the designer, and how to avoid common mistakes which might complicate this relation.

Thus, we bid you welcome to this website, which is intended to help you. We hope that you will find it useful and, of course, we thank you for having chosen us.

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