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For the money you have invested in it to be worth it, your website needs to be visited. But, how can visitors be attracted? Well, the answer is rather convincing: 90 % of the new visitors to a Web page come from good search engine positioning. So this seems to be a nice way to start. All you have to do is hire a SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimizer. Search engines are Google and Yahoo!, for example. The SEO is the person in charge of positioning your website on one of them, through different procedures such as code modification, link interchange, etc.

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To be well positioned on the Web is to be within the first forty places according to the word you choose. To be within the first twenty places is certainly worthwhile regardless of how much it may cost. But search engine positioning takes long (it can take months, it can take years), and it is not always a guarantee of success. No SEO can ensure you a certain place on a search engine, since this cannot be known in advance. What a SEO does is to optimize your website so that, if possible, it is within the top search results, but that is all.

These results depend on the words chosen, as it is trough these words that the search engines organize the Web pages and the SEOs look for better positioning. Therefore, these keywords known as “tags” should be closely related with the website in question or else they will not do –what good is a well-positioned website about pets if its keyword is, say, "metallurgy".

So hiring a SEO is not indispensable to the existence of a website, but it certainly is so to attract new visitors towards it. Consequently, you would be making a big mistake if you left your finished (designed and programmed) Web page without any positioning work. We recommend that you should hire a SEO and let him do what he has to do. Maybe you do not get the desired result, but at least your website will be better positioned.

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