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The programmer is the one who transforms a Web design into an operating website. His task is to translate that design into HTML code –the code computers need to show the website and make it function, i.e. that the drawn buttons are real buttons, etc. The role of the programmer, then, is as important as that of the designer. To actually exist, a website requires programming. Otherwise, Web design is useless.

There are programs which generate their own HTML code automatically while someone is designing in them. However, these auto-generated codes will only obstruct your website’s search engine positioning, thus making it unreachable.

The best thing to do is to hire a professional programmer to make the translation into HTML language. Otherwise, the design of your Web page, however good it is, will be ruined.

How do I find a programmer?, you may be wondering. Well, strange as it seems, it is actually very easy –there are many programmers working in different market areas. You have three options if you want to hire a programmer:

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1. Just as you can hire a freelance designer, you can also hire a freelance programmer. Now, if you do not know where to find one, the designer you have hired will probably recommend someone reliable for the job, as he might often works with the same person.

2. You can hire a Web design agency. This agency will provide both the designer and the programmer for you.

3. Perhaps you hire a designer who happens to be very knowledgeable about HTML language. If so, you do not have to worry about the programmer, as the designer himself can do the job.

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