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In this section we will be dealing with the role a website plays in the growth of a company. We will concentrate on its functions, i.e. what it is for, rather than on its characteristics. All three of the items we are going to discuss will probably sound familiar to you: advertising, promotion, and sales channels. A good marketing campaign consists of several things, and these are three of the most important. Let’s see then how it is that a Web page works in connection with this.

Advertising: Web advertising is diametrically opposed to traditional advertising, which places the emphasis on the advertisement itself rather than on what is being advertised. There are two variations of this functioning: on the one hand, exaggeration of the qualities of the product; on the other hand, a striking plot. The former is typical of cleaning products commercials, where the product in question is shown cleaning in an extraordinary, beyond-belief way. So it is the product’s almost magical qualities that are brought into focus, while the very product remains in the background. Therefore spectators, even when they will not believe this product’s amazing cleaning powers, will be astonished in a favorable way. The latter consists in a story including some values which are regarded as very important by the target public, i.e. the people whom the commercial is aimed at. In this case, the product is even less relevant, as it is only shown at the end of the commercial. The intention is to convey the striking feeling produced by the story to the product itself.

However, things are different on the Internet: a website is advertised in related websites by means of links. These links are not really attractive, and certainly not relevant. Consequently, that rocking power present in traditional advertising is absent in Web advertising. So it is the website (the thing advertised) that has to be striking, not its advertisement. This makes all the difference: Web design should rock the new visitors to a Web page and predispose them to like it.

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Although it is true that Web advertising has been heading for traditional advertising lately (Web ads are increasingly attractive, so as to encourage the users to visit the stated Web page), this is not the prevailing current at the moment.


to promote a product is to add something to it so that it is more desirable. Unlike advertising, promotion’s goal is not to move the recipients and thus influence them to buy a certain product, but to make this product "more convenient" by introducing material advantages. There are two moments, generally, to promote a product: when it has been newly launched, and when it has become a bad seller. In both cases the intention is to accustom "or re-accustom" the public to use a product so that it becomes a necessity. This is easy to explain: if a product is considered "necessary" its sales levels remain steady, but if instead is considered an accessory or luxury, then its sales levels fluctuate. In this context, there is nothing better than a website to launch a marketing campaign, as through your corporate Web page you can launch a big, powerful promotion campaign. Let’s see some possible options:

Discount coupons:

these you can include in your website ready to be printed for them to promote the products you whish to promote. Thus, there will be an increase in the sales levels of these products, but also in the number of visitors to your website, among whom there will be a large number of new visitors, i.e. not regular clients. On the Internet, this is invaluable. There is more: for further benefit, you can lay down your own conditions in exchange for the coupons "for example, you can require that those interested in getting the coupons should write their names and e-mail addresses. Besides the above-mentioned advantages, this procedure will also allow you to compile a database with e-mail addresses to which you can send your company’s last arrivals.


on these labels "fixed to the products you want to promote" should be written your e-mail address, the conditions for taking part in the promotion, and a code. This code should be entered by the users in the corresponding section of your website in order to access a restricted area where they will get free tickets to the movies, the theater, a social event, a party, etc. This kind of promotion will attract not only people who did not know your company, but also people who did not know that you already had your own Web page.

Monthly or weekly special offers:

these offers will be published only on the Internet, so the people who come across them (a lot of people if your website is well positioned) will think they are the only ones who know about them. As a consequence, these people will want to take advantage of their "good luck" and good sense as buyers. Hence they will rush towards the promoted products.

Sales channels:

there are two sales channels: the places where people will buy your products, and the places where people might buy your products. For example, a store selling audio goods is a possible sales channel for a company selling blank CD’s, even though the clients’ original intention is to buy another thing. The Internet is the major sales channel –through the Web you can sell your products all around the world no matter what time it is, and it takes no man to do this. All you need is an e-commerce website, as one of these will sell your products "by itself!" in a quick, efficient way. Although a little more expensive than common Web pages, these are certainly worth it.

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